Zapatos de Running UA SpeedForm® Apollo 2 para Hombre

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Zapatos de Running UA SpeedForm® Apollo 2 para Hombre
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Zapatos de Running UA SpeedForm® Apollo 2 para Hombre

ADN del producto

  • La innovadora tecnología UA SpeedForm™ no permite distracción alguna al correr.
  • La espuma inyectada en el talón proporciona una mejor fijación y una acolchonada comodidad.
  • Suave costura fija ultrasónica con cinta de marca Bemis para un soporte y comodidad al contacto.
  • Chasis perforado con sello ultrasónico para una transpiración durable.
  • Construcción con refuerzo en el arco para un ajuste preciso y para guiar el pie.
  • Plantilla integrada en la cavidad de la entresuela para una amortiguación adicional, absorbción de la humedad y comodidad.
  • Una entresuela de doble capa que combina Charged Cushioning con espuma Micro G® para la mezcla definitiva de soporte amortiguado y una respuesta explosiva.
  • Suela de caucho exterior anatómica para una durabilidad y flexibilidad natural.
  • Offset: 8 mm.
  • Peso: 8.0 oz (227 gr).
  • Importado

Tecnología Destacada

Esto es lo que hace que nuestros productos sean más fuertes e inteligentes que cualquier otro.


Apenas sientas el Charged Cushioning debajo de tus pies, vas a querer correr. Es el último avance en energía, absorbiendo el impacto de tu pisada y convirtiéndolo en un nivel de confort receptivo que nunca antes has sentido.


Más ligera y más delgada que las espumas tradicionales, la amortiguación UA Micro G ofrece un mejor rendimiento ultra-receptivo, con la estabilidad natural y confort.


El revolucionario moldeado de taloneras sin costuras ofrece confort y rendimiento incomparable gracias a un ajuste de precisión sin precedentes.

29 Reseñas

Quite the comfortable iteration

Very comfortable shoes that look good as well. I have been mostly pleased with the Apollo offerings, and this one continues the trend.

Like a sock

Fits over your foot not you put your foot in it. If anyone can get that ha!! So light and comfortable. Still however offers amazing support. Laces are really well done. Provides a snug fit. I am also a bigger guy 195, 5'8 and have run over 10, 10 K races. So I always need support and even with the minimal design this shoes still provide it.

Great shoe, needs improvement

As a pro athlete, I got these shoes looking for some top tier trainers. These shoes are fantastic and have perfect foot lock. I was able to do extreme agility and these shoes never moved on me. The only reason I didn't give these shoes a 5 star review is because they dug into my achilles to a level that has been extremely painful. I can only wear them for two or three hours at a time before I have to remove them. If Under Armour could fix this, they would be the perfect training shoe.

great shoes but broke after 1 use

The sole of the shoes broke after one use ! The shoe is nice and confortable but the sole looks a bit cheap!

Light and Stylish

I find most UA shoes run about 1/2 size small so I order them larger than normal. Bought these in the black and love how they look. Put them on the first day to wear around the house to get an idea if they would rub on my heel or be too high on my toes. No issues with the heel but the toe of the shoe on my one foot is slightly tight. Normal treadmill running they work fantastic. Out on the road, a little slippery. Overall, they now fit nice and are great for the gym or just knocking around.

Incredible Shoes!

The nicest running shoe I've ever worn. These shoes hug your feet perfectly and are incredibly comfy. I ran a half marathon in them and my feet felt great the whole time with no pain during or after the run. They are also very stylish in many of the colors and I always receive compliments while wearing them.

Unbelievably comfortable cloud-like feet huggers

I bought these shoes 2 days before doing tough mudder.. And I am glad I did! First off, I love how the shoe feels like it hugs the foot, especially around the ankle with the help of the tongue. The sole is nice and spongy and the fact that it's sewn in makes it even better. The wetsuit-type material around the ankle I thought would be perfect for the water, which it was. Although mud and water still got in no matter what, the shoes drained out most of the excess water and didn't feel too heavy at all. I can see what some people mean about the wetsuit material giving blisters, but I strapped my ankles so they didn't bother me at all with rubbing. They do feel a little smaller in sizing than most shoes (I could've went a size up than normal) but I don't mind it and it suited the event perfectly. After the event they cleaned up practically looking and feeling brand new which was a big bonus because now I can wear them running. All in all, I think this shoe is great. Being my first pair from UA, I'm very happy with them and will definitely look into getting more.

Slippery when wet

Good shoes, but without grip enough on wet terrace...

Not good at all

The mesh keeps tearing away. With a small tear, everything gets worse and I don't want to see my shoe again. Really disappointed with my fav brand. Bye!


Prepare to enter in a world of pain after wearing these for 1 hour.This sock type thingy that hugs your ankle (you know what i mean that thing that looks like scuba diving stuff..I dont know how to call it lol) is going to make a nice wound on your heel from rubbing-friction.It cut me good even with socks.The front of the shoe were the toes are is a bit low means your toes are going to be a bit squashed.The size is a bit weird.I normally wear size 9 but they feel like 8.5.I also tried 9.5 but they felt a bit loose...I dont know what to advice you here.I hope all these will go away after i break em in.The sole is very comfy (not very bouncy not very stiff but as it should be) and they are very light.Probably the lightest shoes i ve ever owned.