Zapatos de Running UA SpeedForm® Europa para Mujer

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Diseñado para los corredores que necesitan estabilidad adicional, el modelo Europa proporciona una amortiguación estructurada que ayuda a controlar el movimiento del pie y evita el exceso de pronación.
  • ESTILO CORREDOR: Soporte estructurado diseñado específicamente para mejorar la estabilidad mientras proporciona amortiguación y ajuste de primera calidad
  • Innovadora fabricación UA SpeedForm® que se amolda al pie para brindar un ajuste preciso y eliminar cualquier distracción
  • Paneles Coreshort en el pie medio que brindan ajuste fijo y soporte flexible definitivos
  • Malla ligera en la lengüeta y la horma para mejorar el ajuste e incrementar la ventilación
  • Contrafuerte de TPU externo que añade soporte y estructura
  • Plantilla integrada para brindar más amortiguación, soporte y la comodidad de no contar con costuras
  • Entresuela Charged Cushioning® con espuma comprimida para obtener una mayor respuesta y durabilidad y brindar así amortiguamiento y retorno de energía óptimos
  • Talón Micro G® y refuerzo en la parte media del pie para incrementar la estabilización
  • Placa medial de doble densidad que ayuda a evitar la sobrepronación
  • Caucho soplado bajo la parte frontal del pie que es ligero, pero que da una increíble respuesta
  • Caucho de alta abrasión colocado debajo del talón para absorber el contacto con el piso
  • Offset: 8 mm
  • Peso: 240 g
  • Importado
16 Reseñas

Women’s speedform europa

The site isn’t letting me post my ratings. The size was great as well as the comfort but I was disappointed in the performance. I had the shoes a week before my half marathon. Wore the shoes around the house to break them in. Ran the race the following Sunday and to my surprise the heel was worn down. It looked like I had the shoe for months. The rest of the sole was fine. I truly love the fit and comfort but I want a shoe that will last a little longer .

Can't rate, way to small

Seriously Under Armour get your act in gear. We are an active family and as of now Under Armour gets 100% of our athletic gear spend. If this garbage continues that will come to an end. Ordered these shoes for my wife in 9.5 , they arrive and instantly I go uh oh those look small. Hold them up to 4 other pair of 9.5 under amours in her closet these are off by at least a size. Come on guys quality control isn't this difficult, look at the finance pages your stock is struggling because you are losing marketshare. Customer experience drives the brand and this is not helping your brand with this customer PS I am a stockholder

Great Stability

I am not an avid athlete, but I do workout regularly, which is especially important because I have Multiple Sclerosis. Stability has been a huge issue for me because I have balance issues. When I get hot, working out becomes more difficult. These shoes have been wonderful. I have been able to workout longer and more intensely because of the stabilization. They are very comfortable. As an aside, I like the tongue because it is large and comfortable, its discomfort being an issue with many shoes.

This product is a great running shoe!

I loved the colors of this shoe for summer. I ran up a good amount of mileage on this shoe. It has great ankle support and keeps your foot secure and has good cusion in the heel. This shoe is extremely breathable due to the mesh flexible lining at the toe. The only thing I would change is the heel of the shoe. It is great as it hugs your foot for support but it also comes up high and can create a blister. This is a great running shoe for mid distance.

Best stability running shoes

Under Armour gave me SpeedForm Europa Running Shoes to try, and I love the way they feel! I have plantar fasciitis and need a stable shoe in order to run long distances. The Europa provides excellent support without weighing down my foot. I love how it feels and how easily I can run in them. The upper is fairly thin, meaning way less bulk on the top of my foot. I highly recommend them!

My new go to

Under armour gave me the speedform Europas to try and I fell in love immediately. These shoes offer the cushion and stabilize I prefer for my long runs. These shoes have become my new favorites. I typically run between 80-150 miles a month and these have held up great over the last few months.

This product is great for training

I love the fit of these shoes! They are true to size and very comfortable. I ran distance in them as well as used them for cross training and conditioning. They are stable enough for conditioning training and for longer runs. I like the look of them and definitely would recommend to any runner/athlete looking for a new running shoe.

Good everyday running shoes

Under Armour have me the Europa shoes to try -- these are really really close to being a great shoe. They are very comfortable through the body of the shoe--easy to adjust if you have more narrow feet too--and the wider toebox fits and works well for longer runs. Only two cons: 1.) the top edge of the heel is definitely less comfortable than the Velociti shoes. If UA combines everything about this shoe with the heel of the Velociti, that would be perfect! Over runs longer than 3 miles or so, I started to get pain in my heel/Achilles. I think this is from the harder plastic piece on the heel which is NOT present on the Velociti shoes. 2.) the footbed doesn't have a removeable insole, so this makes this shoe much more difficult to wear on a regular basis if you are a runner with custom orthotics. Besides these two things, these shoes are GREAT. Very comfortable, easy to adjust the laces, just the right weight for more intense everyday running.

A pretty shoe...that performs!

Under Armour gave me the Europa shoe to try and I love them! They are incredibly comfortable and stable with a smooth ride. I have worn them for numerous long runs. They are durable and form to my foot perfectly. Plus, they are a beautiful shoe. I have already started training for my Fall marathon and look forward to spending many miles with them!

Good First Try

First, I'm happy UA came out with a stability running shoe! I run with one of the UA run crews & have been wanting to try their shoes for a while, but didn't bc of the lack of a stability running shoe! Overall this is a great shoe for the moderate distance runner who needs stability & comfort. I appreciate how lightweight this shoe is without sacrificing the necessities. I've been running around a 5k distance and these have been perfect. However, they have not proven good for long distances, over 5 miles. I recently ran a half marathon and the shoes were good until around mile 11; at which point I could feel every step. There's definitely room for improvement in that department. I think one option would be to make it functional for one to use additional shoe inserts/insoles. This would help with increasing comfort for the longer distances. Again, awesome shoe & I look forward to trying out these shoes with improvements for longer distance runners.