Zapatos de Running UA SpeedForm® Slingride Fade para Hombre

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  • Innovadora tecnología UA SpeedForm® para un ajuste de precisión sin precedentes para un inigualable confort con cero distracciones
  • Dyneema®, la fibra más fuerte del mundo, está entretejida en el chasis para una máxima durabilidad flexible
  • Compresión por zonas asimétricas sin costuras que "resortean" tu pie desde el talón a la punta
  • Lengüeta acolchonada con capas de tejidos de malla para aumentar la comodidad y el ajuste
  • Entresuela de dos piezas Charged Cushioning® que combina una capa suave y afelpada de espuma encima de una capa más densa de espuma más sólida para la máxima combinación de soporte y confort
  • Suela de caucho a todo lo largo que aumenta la durabilidad, la tracción y el apoyo con menos peso
  • Offset: 6 mm
  • Peso: 240 g
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9 Reseñas


Dope shoe, going to order another pair just because I like them that much!!

Very Comfy But...

Love the shoe however the sole near the toe area has already given way and is no longer attached. Bad glue job I guess. Have only had them two months. First time for a UA shoe to fail this way for me.

Great Shoe - Except

This is a super comfortable shoe. Very light, almost like no shoe at all. Only issue I've been having with them is the tongue. The inside edge of the tongue on each shoe will roll a bit when you put them on. No idea why, but it then creates a lump of material that gets uncomfortable after a while. You need to be very careful when putting them on. I found that putting my finger inside and holding down the edge of the tongue helps, but I still have to wiggle the shoe around to get it to lay flat against my foot. Slight annoyance, but seems like an engineering/design flaw that its not held in place better.

Best runners ever

I've been running for 30 years now and these are by far the most comfortable shoes I've ever run in. It's unlikely I will ever buy anything else. Already scoping my 2nd pair..

First Time Owning Under Armour Running Shoes :O)

I must say, I was originally drawn to this running shoe because of its color. I really love the color orange. I'ts actually more like neon, in my opinion. I began walking in August a little over a mile until I upped my game to 5K per day.Then, jogging/running. I am impressed with my selection. They fit comfortable around my foot; not too tight; enough toe space. These are the first pair of running shoes where I didn't have to use inserts. I'm a big guy. 6'3", 250#'s. Feeling awesome after a jog and can't wait to put them on again the next morning. If the blue ones are still available next month, I'll be be owning those too. Under Armour take heed and don't change the formula. You've got a good thing going here.

Slingride Fade

The Slingride Fade was the first knit shoe that I have gotten from UA because I didn't get the slingshot. UA has exceeded my expectations once again. The fit is amazing, and I love the knit fabric. The ventilation is also incredible and it keeps my feet cool. The charged cushioning is amazingly comfortable. It's endurance is also good too, because I have been running on a very rough rocky path with them and they are not showing any signs of wearing down quickly. Nike and their knit shoes now have something to worry about. UA is definitely making a run in the shoe market with their amazing knit shoes, Curry shoes, and new lifestyle category. The Slingride Fade's are good for not only running and other athletic use, but they look great wearing casually too.

Lets get to running

These shoes felt good in the store and once I walked out the store with them on...they felt good 3 hrs later...I am hoping when I go to the gym the next day they will feel just as good. Great colors, love the material, and the support!!

Finally Got It Right!

They're kind of like those knitted Nike shoes only without the hideous look. This is a great upgrade from the former Speedforms that would eat away at your achilles if you wore no show socks or went sockless. I wore these sockless for a two hour training session and it worked out pretty well. So, UA, pass it on: This design works.

Gemini + Slingshot = Slingride

The Slingride meshes the upper of the slingshot (minus the burrito tongue) with cushioning that is a perfect mix of the responsiveness of the Slingshot and plush absorption of the Gemini all in one shoe. I think I will use all of my UA shoes in the following regimen; the Gemini for long runs and recovery runs, slingshot for speedwork, cross training and race day for races 10k and under, and the Slingride for races half marathon to full marathon. The Gemini is often times too heavy of a shoe for me, where as the slingshot is too minimal for anything over a 10K. I could easily use the Slingride alone as a training shoe and raceday shoe for all distances. I find the Slingride to be a mix of all things perfect for me in a running shoe. The laces are too long for my long narrow foot but that is an easy fix.