Zapatos de Running UA SpeedForm® Slingride para Hombre

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  • Innovadora tecnología UA SpeedForm® para un ajuste de precisión sin precedentes para un inigualable confort con cero distracciones
  • Dyneema®, la fibra más fuerte del mundo, está entretejida en el chasis para una máxima durabilidad flexible
  • Compresión por zonas asimétricas sin costuras que "resortean" tu pie desde el talón a la punta
  • Lengüeta acolchonada con capas de tejidos de malla para aumentar la comodidad y el ajuste
  • Entresuela de dos piezas Charged Cushioning® que combina una capa suave y afelpada de espuma encima de una capa más densa de espuma más sólida para la máxima combinación de soporte y confort
  • Suela de caucho a todo lo largo que aumenta la durabilidad, la tracción y el apoyo con menos peso
  • Offset: 6 mm
  • Peso: 240 g
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17 Reseñas

Beauty and the beast!

They are comfortable and aesthetically appealing. I have never been so happy about my online purchase as much as with this product. Great work done by designers and thinkers behind all the products in under armour!

Amazing as always

Since the first time I got an UA shoe, the fit of these shoes are just amazing. Thank you UA for making amazing light and comfy shoes. I've been a convert for the past 2 years and this shoe keeps living up to the comfort I've gotten used to. Thanks!

Great product!!

Looks just like what is advertised, fit amazing! I wear mine as more of a casual shoe than running with it

SlingRide Shoes

The shoes feel great and perform as advertised , even better. I will continue to purchase all things UA for the foreseeable future

Most Comfortable Shoes of All Time

I don't know how they did it, but these shoes mold to your feet. They are hands down the most comfortable pair of shoes I've ever worn.

AWESOME SHOE even 4 the disabled!

I was an professional athelete during my life for several years that required a lot of dedication including cross training and running to keep in optimal shape. Now I'm totally disabled (a paraplegic) with leg braces utilizing larger than needed shoes to accompany my leg braces in order to transfer from my wheelchair to my SUV & other areas. These are the most comfortable shoes I have owned since I have been like this! Thanks U A for giving me this awesome shoe with a more comfortable braceable foot...

Great shoe

The shoe is durable and comfortable. It is stylish and provides a great performance for my runs. The only problem I would say is it doesn't always keep your foot locked in. The traction is good the shoe is light.

Terrific Shoes

I got these shoes for work. I am on my feet all day long. They are, without any doubt, the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn. I have knee problems from running and wanted something light and comfortable, but still very shock absorbent, and find these to be the absolute best, and yet still good looking enough to wear to work. (I have the black ones).

New beginning for UA footwear

I'm admittedly a big under armour fan and believer. I'm also a huge sneakerhead and have very little brand loyalty when it comes to shoes. As much as I love UA, I don't think there's much disagreement in that their shoes have been lacking. I've owned several pairs of ua shoes and they've all been underwhelming both in comfort and style. No longer, the slingrides are amazing shoes. Quite possibly the most comfortable shoes I've ever owned and incredibly stylish. I WAS a huge Flyknit fan, but the knit construction was always loose, for lack of a better word, and developed holes in the toe area very quickly, these are weaved more tightly and feel more sturdy. It's seriously like wearing pj's on your feet and walking on cushions. If you're a sneakerhead who's hesitant to give UA a chance, throw caution to the wind, these are legit awesome.

Great For Running

I love the feel of these shoes. The first thing i noticed was that it was like walking around on a gymnastics mat. Probably the most comfortable shoes i have ever owned. I have also owned many pairs of UA shoes since the company first introduced shoes and i have to say that in terms of comfort I'm extremely impressed. My only complaint is that for hard movement from side to side they may not be the best choice. I typically like to play basketball in my running shoes and all of my running shoes from UA in the past have been amazing for that, however these are true running shoes and really meant for what they are built to do; run. I also have to mention they look much better in person. I model all around the world and they actually look so good that i plan on wearing these for casting in NY and Milan this season and have already had friends in the industry mention how great these shoes look. Overall it is one of the best shoe purchases i have ever made and i would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a shoe that's lightweight, great for running, with a fashionable look.