Zapatos de Training UA Charged Stunner TR para Mujer

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Zapatos de Training UA Charged Stunner TR para Mujer
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  • Malla ultratranspirable con revestimiento sintético para soporte adicional.
  • Talonera de TPU externa para un soporte fijo.
  • Plantilla Charged Foam a todo lo largo te provee de comodidad y ajuste.
  • Entresuela de doble capa combina Charged Foam sobre la espuma Micro G® para la mezcla definitiva de soporte amortiguado y una respuesta explosiva.
  • Su plataforma baja se mantiene cerca del piso para tener agilidad en todas las direcciones.
  • La suela de caucho provee tracción superior con ranuras flexibles para tener flexibilidad en donde más la necesitas.
  • Offset: 4.5 mm
  • Peso: 7.4 oz (210 gr)
  • Importado

Tecnología Destacada

Esto es lo que hace que nuestros productos sean más fuertes e inteligentes que cualquier otro.


Apenas sientas el Charged Cushioning debajo de tus pies, vas a querer correr. Es el último avance en energía, absorbiendo el impacto de tu pisada y convirtiéndolo en un nivel de confort receptivo que nunca antes has sentido.


Más ligera y más delgada que las espumas tradicionales, la amortiguación UA Micro G ofrece un mejor rendimiento ultra-receptivo, con la estabilidad natural y confort.

11 Reseñas

Best workout shoes ever

Best workout shoes I ever bought and wore. So disappointed Under Armour is no longer making or selling these. Wanted to buy another pair. Will have to go elsewhere because the new models and the colors available do not appeal to me.

So uncomfortable

These shoes hurt my one foot so so bad, wish I could return them. Box is long gone. The part that hold the laces digs in to your feet.

Amazing cross training shoe

I'm shocked at these reviews- people reviewing the sneaker for what it's not- it's not a walking shoe or running shoe, it's labeled as a training shoe. And it's amazing as such. I had been hanging onto my reebok Nanos for a while because I hadn't found a UA sneaker with the stability and traction I needed for a cross training sneaker. Now I have. Adios Nanos. These sneakers are awesome! Great for multi purpose training, squats, and deadlifts!

They hurt

These are cute shoes, but they hurt my feet after walking only one day in them. They are not the "light as air" UA shoes I love and am accustomed to. The bottom has very little cushion, which results in pain on the bottom of my feet.

Quite The Stunner

I am a huge supporter of Under Armour and often brag about how much I enjoy the women's athletic wear (I still have a pair of studio lux pants from like 3 or 4 years ago that are in top notch shape, and I wear them a lot). So after months of stalking the Stunners, I decided to purchase them! I like them a lot! The look, the feel, the is a pretty great shoe for me! However, I have one gripe. About two days ago, I noticed that the threading on the tongue has basically come undone and is holding on for dear life. It's a little shocking considering that I don't do any high intensity training with these shoes, and now I'm hoping the rest of the shoe doesn't come apart on me. It's just a little disappointing, especially when my last pair of Under Armour shoes have been through the ringer with me and they are still holding it together and performing at their best. Other than that, I do very much like these shoes a lot!


The model looks very nice and provides a lot of stability, but it's SO UNCOMFORTABLE!!! I bought and retuned the same day!! My pinkies (and the bone behind it) were red and sore. A true disappointment.

Nice shoe for walking

I bought these shoes for walking and I'm not disappointed at all. I also wanted a nice pair of white shoes, too. These shoes have solid support and are so comfortable even after wearing for long periods of time. One thing though I had to go up a half size to get the perfect fit. After I sized up they fit like I wanted them to. I scored a trifecta. I have comfortable shoes with solid support and they are sharp to look at. Completely satisfied!!

Absolutely in love!

I bought these shoes to train in at the gym and from the moment I put them on I fell in love! Super light but just enough support. Everything I was looking for in a training shoe plus they are really cute

So far, so good.

I work at a hospital so I'm constantly on the go and so far these are doing pretty good. Normally I can squeeze into a 8.5 but I couldn't with these. So I went up half a size, which no and fit perfect. I love the black pair since it goes with all my scrubs. I also love the hint of pink of the bottom.

Runs narrow but great traction

First off I am not a runner. I work in a healthcare facility and am on my feet 12-18 hours a day. After busting the seams out of 2 pairs of air max 2014s in less then 6 months I decided to buy these. I have never owned Under Armour sneakers, only cleats. I admit I was a little disappointed at first, they fit length wise but run more narrow then what I expected. There are not those kind of sneakers that make you feel like you are walking on pillows, but they do have amazing traction. Wet hospital floors usually mean slipping but these hold a grip pretty good. After wearing them about a week they are breaking in some but I can only wear thin socks with these instead of the kids size Under Armour socks I usually wear to work. I did notice the lower heel to toe ratio of the sole, was a little weird at first but I am used to it now. Don't know if that affects runners or not. So far they are holding up well to more then average daily wear but too soon to say how they will last. Not the most comfortable sneaker I have ever had but the traction and not having to worry about slipping makes up for it. Also, not sure if this will be an issue for anyone else but I have a bad right ankle after breaking it multiple times over the years. I tend to easily roll my ankle out if I step wrong with just about any brand of sneaker but it is almost impossible with these. As for running other then chasing patients down a hallway I have not run in them but I did notice they cushion nice and you don't get that hard jolt when your foot hits the floor. Bottom line: length wise was good but runs narrow. Not as comfortable as I expected but amazing traction. I would order a half size up if you don't like your sneakers really tight around your foot. Also no heel slippage either when tied tight or laces totally undone.