Zapatos Lifestyle UA DJ Suede para Mujer

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Zapatos Lifestyle UA DJ Suede para Mujer
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  • Empeine de cuero suave proporciona soporte comodo y duradero.
  • Empeine liviano y flexible proporciona un ajuste elegante y femenino.
  • Plantillas Charged Cushioning se ajustan a tu pie para ofrecer amortiguación superior y ajuste.
  • Suela de caucho para mayor tracción y durabilidad.
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I LOVE these shoes!!!! My sister bought a pair of these but they were too small for her. They fit me perfectly ( 1/2 size larger than I usually wear) so I bought them from her and she then got the next size up. We have both worn them for a year now and we both love them! They have been comfortable from day one, right out of the box! I wear no socks and have never had a blister! Only problem- wish there were more colors!!

Love it!

I purchased the purple shoes. I love the color and they are so comfortable. Was looking for a good slip on and these are perfect.


I was very disappointed! I'd had my eye on these shoes for months, and finally pulled the trigger as a birthday present to myself. I wore them with no show socks, and within 2 hours, had blisters on my heels. I was so excited for a fun pair of casual UA shoes, but the raw blisters are just not worth it :( After reading other reviews, it does not look like they will stretch or break-in, so unfortunately, these are probably getting returned. Usually wear a 9, ordered a 9.5.

Order 1/2 size up

Day one I had a few blisters on my ankles and toes and thought it would go away once the shoes stretched out. They don't. These shoes are so tight on my ankles it gave me a bruise and I ended up walking home from work barefoot. I was hopeful they would loosen up once I broke them in but that doesn't seem to be the case. I love everything else about the shoe, so I would recommend them if they ran true to size or stretched out.

Muy cómodos

Están muy cómodos, muy buen diseño, y el tamaño fue adecuado a lo que siempre compro.

These shoes are supper comfortable

I am a size 6. I bought a size 6 and fit perfect they are comfortable. I wear them with some of my scrubs and they look super cute. Some of my co-workers could not believe they are Under Armour they literally made me take the shoe off to see the brand. The only flaw is the material is delicate I’ve worn them 3 times and they look like they have little fussy and some strands coming out also there’s a spot one shoes where it looks like the shinny part came off and you can see the material under it. I’ve only worn them 3 times don’t think they should look like that for only wearing them 3 times for the price I think the material should be more durable and I’m a CMA I am not in an environment where my shoes could get ruined like that so quickly

Have to break in

These are very fashionable and wonderful shoes, but they took me a few days to fit in. I don't have narrow feet, but I ordered my normal size and they fit perfect to my feet. The first few times you might have to really work to get your foot in there, and I had slight blisters on the heels after, but after wearing them for a week they're my go-to shoe! They're comfortable but I can still wear them to work because they can be dressed to be professional but I also wear them when walking around for a casual look.

Hurts! No comfort!

I was so exceited to buy this shoe. The fit is not the problem. It's the hard structured material that they used, leaving them uncomfortable and sharp on the foot. I walked around in them, hoping there would be some give, but this ended up in a painful day. Returning for sure!

Order Half Size Up

I had the same issue as the first review. I ordered my usual size and it was very difficult to get them on, especially since they don't stretch. But I thought they were super cute so I exchanged them for a half size up and they're a perfect fit. So comfortable and look great.

They look just like they do in the picture but...

If you have wide or chubby feet dont buy these. I'm a size 8 and my feet arent fat theyre just wider than average I guess, but when I tried them on they were really tight and I knew I wouldnt be comfortable wearing them out... so sadly I'm in the process of returning them.