Zapatos para Correr UA Threadborne Slingwrap para Hombre

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Esto es lo que obtienes cuando se combina materiales de primera calidad, tecnologías de élite y un diseño atrevido. Threadborne Slingwrap se ajusta como un calcetín y pasa fácilmente de la carrera a una prenda de uso diario.
  • Chasis tejido con Threadborne™ para obtener un ajuste parecido al de compresión y transpirable que proporciona una fuerza direccional ligera
  • Correa flexible en el pie medio que abraza ambos lados del pie para brindar una sujeción y soporte máximos
  • Toques reflectantes en la correa del pie medio para brindar mayor seguridad y visibilidad en las carreras con poca iluminación
  • Plantilla moldeada Charged Cushioning® que se amolda al pie para brindar un ajuste personalizado y una comodidad sin igual
  • Entresuela de espuma moldeada con compresión Charged Cushioning® para brindar una capacidad de respuesta y durabilidad incluso mayores, proporcionando amortiguación óptima y un retorno de energía
  • Barreta de TPU integrada bajo el talón para brindar soporte y estructura mejores
  • Suela inspirada en la anatomía diseñada para brindar un ajuste y un desempeño naturales
  • Cápsulas de caucho aisladas estratégicamente colocadas en la suela para mejorar la flexibilidad
  • Detalles reflectantes debajo del talón para incrementar la visibilidad
  • Offset: 8 mm
  • Peso: 250 g
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Fits great

Love them they are so comfortable. Fit great. I'll probably buy another pair for workout.


Was a little tight in the toe box at first and felt stiff all around but after a break in period the shoe has become more comfortable and roomy. The cushioning has softened as well. I don’t use it for running more as a casual shoe when I go out.

Awesome shoes

These are some do he most comfortable shoes I’ve ever owned.

Great appearance. Horrible comfort

This is my first pair of UA shoes. I wore them three different times and each time they left my feet feeling sore for over a day following. Unfortunately, I will not be purchasing another pair or wearing these shoes any longer. I completely understand that shoes take time to get worn in. But these shoes have caused me so much pain that I just cannot do another attempt to wear them in. I’m only 32 and I’ve never had this issue with any other brand. I love the UA brand so I was very sad these shoes gave me so much pain because they truly look amazing with all of my attire.

Very good

Light, Comfortable and looks great. Would recommend this.

Cozy but not with no-show socks

I've owned these for about six months and wear them almost constantly - inside, outside, traveling. They're lightweight and breathable and provide adequate cushioning for the gym. I can even use them for treadmill workouts when I'm traveling and don't want to bring a proper running shoe. My only reservation with them is that the heel cuff isn't padded so I can't wear them with low socks without them blistering my at my achilles tendon. Kind of a bummer, as this limits their usefulness in summer unless I want to wear crew socks all the time (which I don't).

Soft sole

The shoes look good but the sole is way too soft making them unbalanced at every move, returned.

Really nice, but

These shoes are very comfortable and flexible for running. They fit very nicely and look great overall. The one problem I have with them is that the sole of the shoe starts to wear down after runs and ends up looking strange because I run with my feet pretty low to the ground and sometimes the shoe drags so the sole peels back.

Muy cómodo y ligero

Cómodos y ligeros, la textura muy suave y los colores excelentes

Sumamente comodos

Una excelente compra, se moldan perfectamente al pie, son livianos y no sientes que los traes puestos. Además el diseño muy boniyl.